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Our Story 

The concept was born in 2012 out of the dream that our country – Greece - can excel in the fields that nature has endowed it with but also the passion for fine tastes and top-quality products.
Carrying on its back a long and successful track record in servicing international clients in demanding sectors, our team of professionals is now a proud provider of fine authentic Greek agricultural products.
Working closely with our suppliers and team of experts, we commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality and service for the finest Greek food products.

We will not stop dreaming and setting higher goals. We are passionate for tasty food, tip top quality and excellence in service.
  • We personally oversee all stages from collection of ideally ripened fruits to safe delivery to our client.
  • We work closely with our suppliers and farmers to ensure that our customers receive only the very best. 
  • Our team, with long careers in demanding service sectors, knows how to serve the most demanding connoisseurs of fine gourmet food.
  • Our company is a trusted trader with long-term experience in serving foreign markets.
  • Professionalism and top quality with a personal touch are our mottos.
  • We conduct surveys to test the tastes and needs of high-end-consumers.
  • We organise one-to-one meetings with specialist distributors to savour our exquisite products and share with us their expertise.


Your Reliable Partner in Fine Greek Tastes

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