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This superior category extra virgin olive oil is made from olives of the Koroneiki variety, to which it owes its herbaceous taste. Koroneiki variety is praised for its organoleptic attributes; with low acidity and large amounts of polyphenols, it is regarded as supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Our olive oil has the capacity to be used in a wide range of culinary applications and is ideal for salad dressings.

Available in dark glass Dorica bottles of 750 ml and 5lt tins. Other sizes available upon request.  


Olixandra's extra virgin olive oil features in the new e-book Remarkable Recipes by international olive oil expert Judy Ridgway.  It is used in the recipe for Spinach Rice.


In the beginning of November 2016, we collected our olives from our groves in Myrtia and Thermo. Mild weather conditions throughout the year in the region contribute in offering consistency in quality and taste.


The 2016/17 harvest gives a complex mix of very attractive flavour tones both on the aromas and in the mouth. The olive oil is herbaceous in style with medium intensity with a tiny touch of bitterness and some growing pepper notes.


It has fresh green salad bowl and tomatoes aromas with citrus tones. The mixed salad leaves and sweet culinary herbs are reflected in the taste. This is followed by a burst of pepper and some light almond skin bitterness which fades slightly to leave the long and attractive after taste of lettuce and tomatoes.


Olixandra's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Notes on 2016 production

Olive Oil

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