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Our premium quality wines are produced from grapes cultivated in vineyards of the region of Thermo and nearby villages.

Located above Trichonida lake, at an altitude of 360 metres, the region offers the topograpy (with many different types of natural landforms), soil and climate (mild winters, hot summers) for ideal grape growing conditions and consistent crops of premium quality grapes over the years. 

The winery is located in Petrochori, Thermo. The village name "Petrochori" is a compound word from "stone" ("πέτρα") and "village" ("χωριό"). The Greek word for vineyard is "αμπέλι" (pronounced abeli). Hence, the name of the wine: Petrabeli. 


The region - The wine name

Petrabeli Red

Petrabeli Wines

Petrabeli White

The white wine is produced from the aromatic grapes of the Greek variety Malagousia, which has its origin in the nearby region of Nafpaktos and is considered to be a world-class grape.

The nose is very intense with aromas of fruits, rose petals and other flowers prevailing. It has a refreshing acidity and a well-balanced taste.  

Best served at 8-10 degrees C. It pairs well with dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and salads.

Petrabeli red wine is a rich blend of Merlot and Syrah varieties.

It has a deep purple colour, aromas of vanilla and black fruit and a velvet taste.

Petrabeli is ideal for accompanying dishes of red meat, poultry, intense cheese flavoured plates and bitter chocolate desserts. 

Best served at 16-18 degrees C.


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